Hollywood stars that have had their sex pics leaked online

There is a huge amount of money to be made from hacking people. At the same time, there’s tons of money being made by the porn industry. When you add those two factors together, you get a lethal combination. Hackers are always trying to cash in on any celebrity sex pics they obtain. The past few years, many famous stars have seen their personal private sex pics leaked online. Some had their Smartphones or accounts hacked. Once there, hackers got a hold of the celebrities sex pictures. The hackers then turned around and sold it to other sites or leaked it to the web.

In all, there is a long list of stars who have seen their sex pics, celebrity sex tapes and personal porn videos shared with millions. But, hackers are not the only ones who the celebs have to worry about. A few stars have seen their confidential sex pics make their way to the internet. This led to tons of free sex pics featuring hot celebrities. The secretive celebrity sex pics were often leaked by ex partners. They wanted to let others see that they got to have sex with a famous person. Some did it as a way to get revenge on the celebrities. You also had some disgruntled ex employee or even family member do it. Irrespective of how the discreet celebrity sex pics appeared online, they are now out there forever.

With so many things which can lead to a celebrity’s sex pictures or porn videos being leaked, why would famous people take a chance? Why would they risk themselves by taking nude hot photos of themselves? Especially knowing that someday these sex pictures may end up being leaked. The answer is quite simple. Celebrities are normal people just like everyone else. They have a personal life and enjoy taking nude selfies of themselves. Famous stars also may want to record themselves having sex with their loved one.

Other celebs simply want to send a private sex pic to their loved one or a friend. Like most of us, celebrities don’t think they will ever get hacked. The truth is that they have a right to take as many nude sex pics as they want. Hackers on the other hand, do not have a right to invade a celebrity’s privacy. Nor do they have a right to hack into a famous person’s account. Or anyone one else for that matter. Sadly, the hackers do not care and for them, it is all about notoriety, internet fame and money.

The majority of celebrities whose sex pics have appeared online has grown tremendously the past few years. Stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, have seen their sex pics leaked online. Jennifer never posed nude on any of the many films she made thus far. Nor has she ever done any wild sex scene either. That made her celebrity sex pics showing her body that much more popular. All of her naked sex pics she took privately, are now available for free online. Of course millions of users who always had a thing for Jennifer Lawrence rushed to see her hot and racy sex pics. They also turned around and created many celebrity sex GIFS with them.

Another star some were very happy to see naked via her leaked photos was actress Vanessa Hudgens. Her celebrity sex pics leaked on the internet have proven to be some of the best. You can see Vanessa’s pussy and amazing tits in her celebrity sex pics. The same goes for the famous Emma Watson. For her, it is the second time her private accounts have been breached. Both times her sex pics have been made public.

While many always thought of actress Mila Kunis as a wholesome innocent star, her leaked sex pics proved otherwise. The same for the beautiful Kate Hudson who had her private sex pictures leaked. Although some of the celebrities who have had their personal sex pictures leaked were not that racy, others were not so lucky. Case in point are the hot and racy leaked sex pics showing actress Amanda Seyfried. Her leaked celebrity sex pics show her sucking on a big huge cock. Those images were taken from a porn video Amanda and her boyfriend recorded. In the free sex pics now all over the web, you can see the big-eye and pretty Amanda sucking on a big fat dick.

Not to be outdone by actresses, there have been many famous singers who have had their personal sex pictures hacked or leaked as well. You can find hundreds of free sex pics and celebrity porn GIFS of the singers out there. There are some belonging to the pretty and hot Rihanna. The same goes for Miley Cyrus who had a sex picture of her leaked. Other singers whose sex pics have been leaked online are Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera.

Today, there are tons of free sex pics belonging to celebrities easily found on the web. Jessica Alba, Kat Demmings, Hayden Panettiere, Leslie Jones and Gabrielle Union are some of those stars. The same for Olivia Munn, Kristen Stewart and Katharine McPhee, among many others. As long as famous stars continue to take sex pics of themselves, there will never be a shortage of free celebrity sex pics available online.