Reason why this generation has made casual sex so common and easy

Millennials have the most liberal connotations about sex but they are less licentious than their parents. They may have popularized hooked up cultures and the notion of ‘no strings attached’ or ‘friends with benefits’. However, the questions of why this so called millennial has this guts to make sex more casual and easy or why do they call it love when they mean sex is often used when a person feels a stronger physical attraction towards another person and they camouflage it as love or special connection.

The ‘why’s’ behind the casual sex of many young people now a days

Here are some reasons why young people made the casual sex so common and easy:

Media are very open to ‘sex’

Media is one of the greatest influencers in the world. For it shows nothing but this kind of liberal thing. The fact that they are releasing some stuff in the media like the most famous and has the biggest R-rated theatrical release, the “50 Shades of Grey” that talks about the way our society’s perspective on sex is changing. Sex has always been a normal part of everyday life, but now that normality is reflected in the media, too. More so, these stuffs about sex and sexuality in the media made the talk of the town.

Intensified internet access makes sex-related information more accessible

Booming of the internet has also a huge effect to the generations today. Easy access of any porn hub can be done in just a snap. Statistics over the years have exaggerated exactly how much porn is on the Internet. Moreover, the information about sex on the internet may always be reliable but this doesn’t stop people from seeking anyway.

Awareness of importance of sex education in high school

Sex education in school becomes more comprehensive due to the booming numbers of conversation and portrayals about sex. Educational programs that preach abstinence have been proven to be dangerous and inaccurate and a leading cause of an increased risk of teen pregnancies.

Dating app make it easy to find sex

As time goes by, there are a lot of apps or software that can be easily downloaded in the App Store or Google PlayStore including Tinder, Grindr, Disckreet, Down, Pure, Blendr, Hinge and many more. These names of the said applications have probably a casual sex app that can be used to start hooking up. Consequently, seeking out sex has never been easier or more convenient, which further normalizes it.

Walk of shame to stride of pride real quick

Having a one-night-stand is not a walk of shame now but instead it’s a stride of pride which gives casual sex a whole new positive meaning. In this modern society of the millennials, hooking up, flirting or having sex with a guy or a girl at the younger age will no longer a big issue to many people. They don’t feel guilty about doing casual sex. It’s like you can easily get it, just like your freak flag fly.

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