Most Popular Sex Apps For Young Adults

One of the reasons why young adults were hooked up in casual sex is because of the existing sex apps which were developed by different companies. In today’s tech trends, the definitive guide to no strings sex apps can be accessed and purchased with just a few clicks and browse.

Best sex apps for no strings attached sex

Take a look at the best and most popular sex apps to find the perfect chill partner.

  • Blendr

It is free for iPhone. It asks to link to your Facebook to access your location, photos, interests, plus friends who are signed up too. It also links your profile to singles that are looking for a sex partner in your postcode. The perks of putting or adding more information about you will help you know more about others. This app is popular with young professionals who are not shy when it comes to no strings sex.

  • Tingle

The tingle is a radar system that obscures where you are and you have to wink at users before they can view your profile. Chat service will also mean you don’t have to give out your number. Of course, this app will definitely help you to no string quest, but you should be warned. Men we came across with were of a lower quality than Blendr.

  • Tinder

It promotes itself as a dating app. Many people used it as a hook up tool. Pictures of potential matches in your area appear on screen and you like what you see, just swipe right. A very superficial but quite a fun app. If both parties swipe right, then you will match and can start exchanging messages. It will also need the links to your Facebook profile. Tinder at its best means that, men are much more subtle here and you’re likely to be invited out for a drink rather than just round for sex.

  • Mimitate

This app combines selfie-taking with Netflix. Guys take a selfie and post it along with what they’re watching. If a girl likes both offerings, she fires back a selfie mimicking his, opening up a chat. In addition, this app eliminates unwanted advances, as you will never receive messages unless you show interest by way of your selfie. It’s clearly known for its hilarious and ingenious idea.

  • Disckreet

This is an app that keeps your naked photos, selfies, and sex videos safe and secure. You can only access the files if you AND the other person enter passwords. The idea behind this is that, only you and your partner can watch your previous bedroom antics together. Well, it is good only for couples or fvck buddies who want to spice things up in a safe and private way.


Staying safe using these best apps

About using these apps as you spice things up, remember to instil to yourself the responsibilities and awareness to the pros and cons of using these apps. Avoid revealing your exact location, just keep it vague or change your address. Do some background, check on twitter and type their name into Google search box to pull up further information about them. Also, don’t ignore your instinct and guts.

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